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On July 18, 1998 in Bloomington, Illinois, the Illinois Women’s 600 Bowling Club was formed. The club was formed to honor those women in our state that have bowled a 600 or better scratch series in the sport of bowling. Thirty-five (35) women from various parts of the state attended the meeting and became the club’s charter members. Among the thirty-five attendees were IWBA board members, Earlene Nelson, Lois King, Sally Miller, Betty McCann, and Melinda Calvert.

The state was divided into eleven (11) zones for representation by directors that were elected at the meeting. Officers were also elected at the meeting and with the expertise of Earlene Nelson, Secretary of the IWBA, (Illinois Women’s Bowling Association) terms in office were established. The terms of office were set at one, two, and three years. The officers and directors of the club will be elected at the annual meetings. As each term of office is completed as stated, the newly elected officers and directors will be elected for three year terms.

A proposed set of bylaws were established and would become the working bylaws until the first annual meeting, at which time the membership would vote to accept them. Madeline Dotta, President of the Illinois Women’s Bowling Association would become advisor to the club. Madeline’s knowledge of the bowling industry and the sport gave the club the framework it needed to get off to a great start.

On November 13, 1998 the club incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois and is now known as the Illinois Women’s 600 Bowling Club, Inc. As required by law, the club was also registered in Boone County on November 24, 1998.

The club received confirmation on April 8, 1999 that it had been registered with the Attorney General, State of Illinois under both The Charitable Trust Act and the Solicitation for Charity Act.
As of September 29, 1999 the club holds 501 ( c ) ( 7 ) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

The club will hold an annual tournament and meeting. At present, the tournament is being held on the first two weekends in October, with the annual meeting being held the first Saturday of the tournament. The tournaments will rotate throughout the state, giving each area an equal opportunity to be the tournament host. The rotation process for the tournament will be totally established beginning with the year 2002 starting with the central part of the state, then to the north, and then to the south.

It is the contention of this organization to build the club and watch it grow in the coming years; not only for those who have bowled a 600 or better in the past, but for those who can make the claim that they also have joined an honorable group.

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