Dress Code
  • 1. Only Illinois State USBC WBA and USBC certified bowlers who are current paid members of the Illinois Women's 600 Bowling Club are eligible to bowl in this tournament.

    2. Multiple entries will be allowed in singles event but you will only be allowed to cash once. You may bowl multiple times in the doubles event but can cash only once with the same partner. Entry fees must accompany the entry form.

    3. Handicap will be 100% of 220 scratch.

    4. Entering Averages:

  • a. 2009-2010 season's highest USBC certified league average of 21 or more games.

    b. If no 2009-2010 average, their highest USBC certified league average of 21 or more games from the 2010 summer season, if verified by the local association manager.

    c. Bowlers with neither of the above averages shall use the highest USBC certified league average of 12 or more games bowled by September 30, 2010, if verified by the local association manager or copy of league average sheet.

    d. Bowlers with none of the above averages bowl scratch.

    5. It is the bowler's responsibility to verify the accuracy of her average. Failure to use the correct average shall disqualify score if submitted average is lower than the correct average thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap. Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average. However, corrections in averages may be permitted up to the completion of the first game of a series.

    6. One substitute will be allowed in the doubles event only. Substitutes will be allowed in the singles event only in the event she has subbed for the same person in the doubles event. Average verification is required.

    7. All prize money will be returned 100% at a ratio of one prize for each 7 entries. Prize money will be paid on a handicap basis. If a first place tie occurs in either event, co-champions will be declared, the cash prize will be equally divided. The high handicap series in the singles and doubles events will be tournament champions.

    8. USBC rules 319a-2, 319d and 319e are waived.

    9. Participants may enter singles or doubles. Both events are not required.

    10. You may enter the Optional Handicap and/or Optional Scratch All Events in the event you bowl in both doubles and singles. In the event you bowl in the doubles/singles event more than once your first doubles/singles score will count toward your All Event score. $2.00 entry fee per event for All Events must accompany entry.

    11. Proper bowling attire will be required and strictly enforced.
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